rvshare labor day

What are your plans for this upcoming Labor Day holiday? If you’ve been socially distancing, you might not have plans yet. That said, you shouldn’t let the pandemic stop you from enjoying some family time this holiday. Camping is a wonderful activity on its own, but it’s also one that is made for social distancing. At a campsite, you can enjoy some unplugged family time, make s’mores, and celebrate this Labor Day in the best way possible.

Before you start considering the myriad of things you need to do to make a camping trip happen, considering using RVshare. This revolutionary service allows you to leave the tent at home and take an RV instead.

If you don’t have an RV it’s okay. You don’t need to own one. Like the name implies RVshare brings together people that own RVs with people that want to use them. It’s similar to house sharing vacational rental sites like Airbnb, but for an RV. You can choose from smaller campers to Class C luxury RVs.

One of the handiest parts of the RVshare experience is that you choose when and where you get your RV. Are you planning to camp somewhere local? You can have your RV dropped off and waiting for you at the location of your choice. Likewise, if you’re planning to travel to a state park or another location that’s not near your home, you can have the RV delivered and once you arrive, it will be waiting for you.

You don’t need to worry about spending too much money because RVshare offers rental options for all budgets. Some cities produce higher prices than others, though most rental options, for both basic and luxury RVs are fair and usually affordable. You can even search available options by the price you want to pay, so that you don’t have to weed through options that won’t work for you.

Reviews are left by customers of RVshare so you’re aware of their experiences. If you’re considering a specific rental, you can check the reviews for the RV and the owners to make sure you’re making the right choice. Choosing the RV is probably going to be the hardest part of your trip. Once you’ve made the decision and have the drop off planned, you can focus on getting ready for your vacation without any added stress.

Let’s recap how to have an excellent Labor Day weekend!

  1. Decide where you want to camp
  2. Go to RVshare.com and find the right RV to suit your family
  3. Make sure it has all the amenities you want and reserve it for Labor Day
  4. Get ready to have a great camping trip!
  5. Show up to the campsite and find your RV waiting for you (or if you prefer driving the RV to your destination, you can do that too)!
  6. Make family memories


It’s that simple thanks to RVshare. Have you had the chance to use RVshare yet? If you have, we’d love to know your experience!


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