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Rivard Report has changed its named to the San Antonio Report. The San Antonio Report’s editor Robert Rivard has renamed his nonprofit news site and announced the change on Monday, August 10. This well-known San Antonio business has grown from a small dream into a respected outlet in the city.

The nonprofit journal launched in 2012 and will be seeking a new publisher and CEO to accompany its name change. Rivard, the publication’s current editor plans to travel, write another book, and continue as the editor through the year 2020 before beginning to scout a new editor that will fill the role. Rivard does not plan to give up his weekly column.

From humble beginnings, the San Antonio Report has strengthened and expanded to include 19 full-time employees, two contributing columnists, freelance journalists, and paid interns. Rivard was the former editor of the San Antonio Express-News but left to begin this business.

Rivard writes “I watched with pride this past week as my name came off the front window and doors of our offices at 126 Gonzales St. and San Antonio Report took its place. “It’s a new day here. The name signals our intention to serve the community for years to come. It’s the first step in a carefully thought-out plan of succession. There is always a time when a founder should give way to the next generation of leadership.”

This well-known nonprofit business in San Antonio was founded on the idea that the media site the co-creators fashioned should exist as a community trust that readers could support. As the publication was granted 501(c)(3) status, they were able to apply for grounds from foundations to help fund and pay employees, but also partner with important community businesses to provide San Antonio with a respectable, reliable news source that the community could trust and support.