Reinvent yourself and reinvent your blog

Things are changing. Do you feel it too? Something’s in the air or the blogosphere or something. Pamela recently alluded to it. We crave connection. We want to forge bonds with one another that lead us to something bigger than ourselves. Creating connection is part of what this site aims to do: to support San Antonio moms who blog, to bring them together, to shine a light on all of us, and to celebrate that which is unique and important about our blogs. But, lately, I haven’t felt very connected. That’s where change comes in.

For the last two weeks I didn’t publish the Weekly Link Up. Strange timing, I know, because it seemed to catch its stride; 40 and 50+ posts were linking up each week, which thrilled me. It was easy and effortless to keep up with the posts you’re writing. But, as I’d promised to share them all, that started to become a daunting task I had to squeeze into my life and work. I didn’t want to break my promise and not share posts. I didn’t want to let anyone down. For now, the Weekly Link Up is on hiatus, perhaps permanently. Or it may be temporary. I haven’t decided yet. If you feel strongly one way or another about it, let me know in the comments. If linking up here was helping you, I’d love to know. I still want to support and celebrate San Antonio mom bloggers. Maybe reworking the link up idea is in order.

I’m rethinking the Featured Bloggers section too. As much as I love interviewing and learning about my fellow bloggers, those posts aren’t getting the traffic they deserve. I can’t figure out why because they are juicy, full of glimpses inside the lives of the local bloggers who inspire all of us. These bloggers reveal how they started blogging; how their blogs and goals have changed over time; what their favorite posts are; which bloggers they admire; and where they plan to take their blogs next. Learning about each other, even if we haven’t met in person, connects us as a community. Again, maybe there is another, better way to accomplish this.

Regular round ups of posts by San Antonio mom bloggers will become a new feature because, while things are changing, one thing is not: y’all are creating phenomenal content. I want more and more people to see it.

Creating more of my own content here is also one of my priorities, so stay tuned for more personal posts, as well as posts about things that are important to San Antonio families.

I love this community we’ve built. I’m in awe of the support and assistance we give, selflessly, to each other. I want to see even more of that and I need to figure out how San Antonio Mom Blogs fits in.

Thanks for joining me on the ride.