read with your children every day

I can’t remember a time when reading wasn’t a part of my life. One of my earliest memories is of sitting on the couch next to my mom–a book perched atop her blossoming belly, her lap claimed by my soon-to-be born sister–listening to her read to me. Growing up I was one of those nerdy kids who stayed up way too late reading beneath the covers under threat from my dad that I, “had better go to sleep!” When I was pregnant with my first child I bought piles of colorful board books before I ever purchased a onesie and once my daughter was born I read to her every night.

heb read 3, read to your children every dayBut not every child is surrounded by books or by people who love to read. I recently explained this to my children as we went through their books to find some to donate. I expected them to fight me a little or only donate their old baby board books but, to my surprise, when they heard that other kids needed books, they were more than willing to help out. We ended up donating two boxes and two bags of books to the HEB Read 3 program.

read with your children three times each weekRead 3 encourages parents to read to their children at least three times each week. And, through tomorrow, HEB is accepting donations of new or gently used books at their stores to help with their literary initiative. HEB hopes to donate 1 million books to children in need.

Although tomorrow is the last day to donate books at HEB, other great programs in San Antonio will gladly receive your donations of gently used children’s books:

Abby’s Book Corner
This Texas charity provides donated books to the shelves of area children’s hospitals.

NEISD PTA Used Book Sale (link is to the previous sale):
This book sale, which usually takes place in early April each year, raises funds that are distributed to the schools in its district. If your child attends an NEISD school you’ll be notified through the school’s PTA about how you can donate books (both children’s and adults) as well as VHS tapes and DVDs. This sale is a great place to find very inexpensive children’s books when growing or replacing your child’s home library.

Know of any other San Antonio charities who’d like to receive book donations? Please list them in the comments.