If you like star gazing, circle May 26 on your calendar because a super blood moon will be visible in the skies of San Antonio!

The super blood moon in combination with a total lunar eclipse will be visible in the early morning hours.

Though it sounds like something that would feature in a horror movie, a blood moon is actually a scientific phenomenon when the moon appears to be red because of the reflection of light.   

A total lunar eclipse is made up of three different eclipses – a penumbral lunar eclipse, a partial eclipse followed by the total lunar eclipse.


Super Blood Moon In San Antonio

While the first two phases are not expected to be visible in San Antonio, the total lunar eclipse along with a super blood moon will be visible for 14 minutes. The total lunar eclipse will begin at 6:11 am, maximum eclipse will take place at 6:18 am and the event will end by 6:25 am. And remember, the date is May 26th. 

Next week’s supermoon, which may also be referred to as the super flower moon, will be the largest-looking and brightest full moon of the year. 

San Antonio will not see another partial lunar eclipse until November so this is your chance to catch this rare sight in the Alamo city!


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