christmas music

It’s no secret or surprise that the year 2020 has been filled with plenty of twists and turns. Because of the uncertainty of the past year and the hope of bigger and better things to come, many people are ready for 2020 to end, and rightfully so. This desire to move forward and leave 2020 behind in the dust has motivated many to begin celebrating Christmas a little early, the least of which is radio station Q101.9 San Antonio that has officially decided to begin spinning their favorite Christmas music.

For the residents of San Antonio, it’s a virtual certainty that when Q101.9 begins playing Christmas music, it’s officially time to deck the halls and trim the tree and begin the holiday shopping, even if it is a little early this year. The local radio station took to Twitter on November 6 to announce the arrival of Christmas music in 2020 by asking “Who is ready to unleash the magic of Christmas?” to tease the launch of its all-day Christmas music program.

While the radio station may have initiated the charge to begin celebrating Christmas a bit early, it seems that many other public figures across the city of San Antonio are in full agreement. 1200 WOAI reporter Michael Board recently tweeted, “San Antonio folks: Christmas music has started on @Q1019. Act accordingly,”. While it may feel early to some to begin celebrating, there are actually parts of the city, such as the Rim/La Cantera and downtown that have already outfitted their stores and streets for Christmas.

Will playing Christmas music a bit early this year send us back to a time during 2020 that wasn’t plagued by the coronavirus, political upheaval, and social unrest? No. Will hanging your Christmas lights and decorating the tree solve all the problems that this difficult season has illuminated or cultivated? Certainly not. But with Christmas and the celebration of Christmas comes the promise of hope. A hope of reuniting with family and loved ones, a hope of normalcy within the tradition, and ultimately, a hope that the old will pass away, the new will be ushered in, and that our new year and new beginnings may be more promising than our last.