Disclosure: I was invited to a special makeup session for San Antonio bloggers at Soft Surroundings at The Shops of La Cantera. I received breakfast, makeup tips, a bag of samples, and a $20 gift card. Photos and opinions of the event and store are mine alone.

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Moms, let’s get real: you’re almost always last on your list of priorities, right after “give the dog a bath” and maybe, if you’re lucky, right before “clean out the fridge.” I’ve been spending time this year finding ways to enhance my 40-something life and my research tells me that right after “get more sleep,” I need to “make time for self care.”

It sounds silly, but taking care of ourselves, feeling good about ourselves, and carving time out for our own interests only benefits our families in the long run. When we’re well-rested and taking care of our own needs, our emotional tanks are full and we’re better able to care lovingly for those who need and depend on us.

Pam, who blogs at Over 50 Feeling 40, invited me to an exclusive blogger makeover party at Soft Surroundings, which opened in September at The Shops at La Cantera. I was thrilled to go because the store’s mantra is: “By putting yourself first, you can take better care of friends and family and hopefully live a happier, more fulfilling life.”

Callie with Soft Surroundings and Pam with Over 50 Feeling 40

Along with Pam’s friend Gigi and Lisa who blogs at Pennington Point, we met at the store early one morning for breakfast and makeup lessons.


Our tour guides through the mystifying (to me!) world of beauty products were store manager Yvonne, part-time manager Callie, and beauty specialist Debbie. These delightful ladies know their stuff and they took us on an in-depth beauty adventure to teach us what we need to smooth our necks, whisk away acne, thicken hair, kick cellulite to the curb, and get our glamour on.

Soft Surroundings store manager Yvonne and beauty specialist Debbie

Products that stood out to me were:

Marula Oil from East Africa: an incredible anti-aging oil for face and hands (part of the proceeds go back to the village in Africa where the oil comes from)

Osmotics Blue Copper: helps rosacea, repairs elasticity, firms skin

Apivita products, especially the Footcare: Debbie said that after using this, sparingly, on her feet for three weeks, she always looks like she’s just had a pedicure


Hearing the impressive list of beauty products available at Soft Surroundings and what they can do for you is almost dizzying but, no worries. The charming ladies at Soft Surroundings are available to help you solve your beauty questions. Seriously. Ask them. These girls are so knowledgeable (And their skin glows! I want their skin!).

And, because they’re so helpful, they left us with these important makeup expiration tips:

Mascara – replace every three months
Liquid Eyeliner – replace every four to six months
Pencil Eyeliner – replace every three years (as long as you sharpen frequently)
Pressed Powder can last safely for two to three years
Wash your make up brushes once a month (with brush cleaner or baby shampoo) if you’re the only one using thembaby shampoo
Water-based foundations can last up to 12 months
Oil-based foundations can last up to 18 months
Lipstick is good for about one to two years

This weekend, Soft Surroundings is hosting a Makeover Your Makeup Bag event: Come in for a complimentary consultation with a beauty specialist and you’ll receive a new cosmetic bag with any $75 beauty purchase.

Soft Surroundings Make Up Event

In addition to an extensive makeup and beauty counter, Soft Surroundings also features clothes, home decor, books, bedding, candles, lotions, fragrances, shoes, jewelry, and more.

Go! Get gorgeous! Put yourself first for a change.

Visit Flickr for the full set of photos from our Soft Surroundings beauty adventure.