Ah, Sulia. I love writing for Sulia, in part because I receive a small honorarium for what I write there, but also because the format on this latest social network is longer than a tweet but shorter than a blog post. It’s perfect for writing quick pieces about news, ideas, and observations. It’s also an excellent space to learn from others on a variety of topics (parenting, recipes, education, politics, local stories, just to name a few) and to receive comments and feedback. But, for some reason, I find that when I write there, I don’t write here, which was never my intention. I need to find a balance so I’m writing in both places. Yes. I’ll get right on that!

In the meantime, here are links to a few of my posts on Sulia while I get my blogging mojo back (I’m working on a post about IDEA charter schools. I’m also pondering whether or not to continue featuring a different San Antonio mom blogger here each week. What do you think? Do you like the Q&As with local mom bloggers?).

Swai for a super-quick meal.

When in doubt…take a walk.

When your baby needs to feel like a big boy.

There is a dessert so large, so rich, so decadent, it can have only one name…

Eager for summer. Or, why are my kids immersed in frigid water?

{Cheers to the Weekend!} What’s Cava?

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