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2020 has been a year unlike any of us have experienced. Since the earlier parts of the year, kids have been out of school, restaurants have been closed, and life as we know it has changed dramatically. It’s no wonder that the chance to enjoy some family time during the summer is more important than ever. Of course, it’s important to know that you’re doing it safely. Whether you decide to stay in town, visit another Texas locale, or venture out across the country, you’ll want to be certain that your family is safe and can have a good time together.

OYO Hotels are sweeping the US as the predominant inexpensive, trendy hotel choice. If you’ve ever seen an OYO Hotel you already know why that is. Each hotel is well sanitized and offer a simplistic beauty. Hotels feature chic furniture and living conditions at budget prices. From free Wi-Fi, to standard amenities like TVs and a toiletry kit, OYO has everything that you’ll need for a fun summer break. And right now, you can stay at OYO cheaper than ever with special summer promo codes. You definitely can’t beat that!

Many people are worried about traveling and/or hotel stays during a pandemic. At OYO, you can rest assured that each room and all public spaces are cleaned and scrubbed until they are sanitized and safe for your family. Offering a spotless environment has always been important at OYO, but they work even harder now to ensure that top cleaning guidelines are followed to keep thing hygienic and safe for visitors.

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Why Should You Stay at OYO?

One of the best things about OYO Hotels around the world is how inexpensive they are. In San Antonio, you can get a lavish hotel room for less than $100 a night. The same can be said for Houston and most other areas in the country. This is definitely something that draws visitors to OYO. That said, there are also plenty of enticing amenities that make these hotels a great choice. In addition to excellent pricing, OYO Hotels are just plain beautiful. They are clean, well-designed and feel trendy. Luxury sheets and towels are available to provide the most comfort. Bathrooms, public spaces and rooms are cleaned and sanitized frequently. You even get free Wi-Fi.

Here are some additional benefits when you stay at OYO:

  • Booking is possible in-person or online and is done in a few simple steps
  • All public spaces and rooms are scrubbed clean to ensure they are safe for visitors
  • A toiletry kit comes with your stay
  • Complimentary breakfast is available
  • Free Wi-Fi with every room
  • TVs are in each room
  • Air conditioning is standard in all rooms
  • Early and late check-in options may be available
  • Standard check-in time is Noon and check-out is 11 am
  • If you need to cancel, it’s free as long as you cancel 24-hours prior to check-in


OYO Hotel Deals are Available!

Right now, you can get a great discount off your hotel stay at OYO Hotels in the US! All you need to do is enter the code “HOTELSTAYOYO” during your reservation process. You can use this code when booking through the website, the OYO app, or even using M-Web.

OYO Hotels are one of the cheapest options in the country already, so if you need a vacation on a budget, this is definitely the option for you!

Have you had the chance to stay with OYO before? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!


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