Summer vacation begins in less than 24 hours! And while I’m excited to spend more time with my kids, the idea of keeping them entertained for weeks on end is a little daunting. So I’m creating a list of all things we can do together to encourage learning, inspire adventures, and have loads of fun.

This list will grow as the season moves along. How are you spending your summer? Please help me add to this list by sharing your great ideas for Summer fun in the comments. I need all the help I can get and, it takes a village, remember?!?

I’ve also created a Summer Plans with the Kids Pinterest board with more ideas for activities, craft projects, and inspiration.

Playdates with San Antonio Mom bloggers and their kids
Are you on my list? Do you like coffee? Cupcakes? Libraries? Parks? My kids are great. Your kids are great. Let’s set up a playdate and get them together (which means adult time for us!).

SeaWorld San Antonio

SeaWorld and Aquatica
SeaWorld is on our Summer fun list every year because it’s more than a theme park – it’s an experience. From shows to slides, to education to conservation, to animal encounters to fun for all ages, it’s got everything I need to keep my kids entertained for days. Add in Aquatica, SeaWorld’s brand-new waterpark, and you can’t beat this fun under the sweltering Texas sun. (Disclosure: I participate in SeaWorld’s Wildside blogger program and I receive complimentary passes for myself and my immediate family members.)

Morgan’s Wonderland
Morgan’s Wonderland, the nation’s first park built with accessability in mind, is where everyone can play. Let’s meet there on the the first and third Fridays of every month for their Moms’ Group where moms can meet up for coffee and chit chat with other moms while kids are entertained with an activity. Then, spend the rest of the day enjoying the park. The cost? Just $15 per mom and no charge for the kids. A day of fun for just $15? It can’t be beat and that’s why I’m sure I’ll run into you there more than once this summer.

Back to the Beach
We’ve made an annual trek to South Padre Island for the last three years and we’re heading south again this Summer for a week full of sand, swimming, sun, and sleep. OK, that last one probably won’t happen. But it sure sounded good, didn’t it?

Cupcake tastings
Bird Bakery and Kate’s Frosting are my favorite places in town that have amazing cupcakes AND a kids-are-welcome atmosphere. You’re sure to find us there many times this summer when our sweet tooth strikes.

Day trip to Fredericksburg for fresh peaches
In years past, when I was lucky enough to have business in the Fredericksburg area in the summer, I’d bring home boxes of the freshest, sweetest peaches I could find. This summer, luck won’t have anything to do with it because I’m scheduling a day trip to Fredericksburg for peach pickin’. Once you devour these juicy gifts from Heaven, you’ll never want a stored-bought peach again.

Quarry Farmer’s Market
While we’ve been to the Pearl Farmer’s Market many times, we haven’t made it out to the Quarry Farmer’s and Rancher’s Market. But that’s about to change!

AMF Bowling
Have you signed up yet for your free bowling passes?

The “Drive Through Zoo” as my son calls it, AKA The Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch
Last year we kicked off summer with a trip to The Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch. It’s not cheap to do ($17.50 for adults and $9 for kids ages 3-11) but if you can spring for it every year or two, your kids will be delighted and you can drive through the zoo as much as you want. The zebras want to poke their heads inside your car to say hello and the ostriches are generally pretty friendly too. Plus, you can see a buffalo in South Texas!

The “Walking” Zoo, AKA The San Antonio Zoo
Yes, if The Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch is known around our home as the drive-through zoo, it only stands to reason that The San Antonio Zoo must be the “Walking” zoo. Or, at least, that’s how our kids see it. Our annual family pass makes this an easy, fun, and affordable choice.

Dinosaur George

Attend a Dinosaur George show
My daughter and I saw this show last year at the Westin La Cantera Resort. She wasn’t really into dinosaurs at the time but after hanging out with Dinosaur George, she quickly became a Dino-fiend. My son, who is completely into dinosaurs, is now at a great age (4) to enjoy this fantastic show.

See The Magic of Cody Sanders
My  son is constantly trying to “distapear!” things. I think he’d love a trip to see The Magic of Cody Sanders up close.

Attend a Spikey Mikey performance
In addition to being one of San Antonio’s most sought-after magicians, Spikey Mikey (Mike Cruz) is also a friend to children of all ages. He spends his time delighting kids with his comedic routine while encouraging them to read and to be respectful and responsible. My kids have seen his show many times and they always want to know when we’re going to see him again.

More fun in the works:

YMCA – for exercise, swimming

Playdates with friends

Attend a Magik Theatre performance or two

Visit The San Antonio Children’s Museum

Join the San Antonio Public Library’s Summer Reading Program

Visit Half Price Books to browse their Spanish section for kids’ books

$1 movies at Regal Cinemas on Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 10:00 a.m.

Write and put on plays in the evenings

Write stories

Go on picnics

Watch movies in Spanish

Run through the sprinkler in the backyard

Make s’mores