universityOur Lady of the Lake University recently announced that it has plans to reopen its campuses in the fall. As cities, businesses, and universities alike grapple with when and how to reopen, Our Lady of the Lake University announced on Thursday that it plans to reopen in the fall with new health and safety measures in place. The university will also offer many new academic and technological advantages to students who are enrolled.

OLLU has campuses in San Antonio, Houston, and the Rio Grande Valley. As the university plans the reopening, the organization has already begun working on a plan that will keep students, professors, and faculty safe.

The university will have in-person classes, but they will also be offering online and hybrid options at all three of the campuses. Hopefully, online and hybrid classes will assist in continuing to flatten the coronavirus curve and will, in turn, keep those who are on campus safe and healthy.

OLLU has also stated that they will begin to offer greater spacing for residents who live in campus housing. The university will also begin implementing new procedures that will monitor students for symptoms of illness in the fall.

OLLU is also providing free textbooks and digital materials for students as well. Hopefully, this gesture will help students remain financially stable. As businesses and services discover the most effective ways to live in the contours of a coronavirus affected society, many are utilizing the opportunity to restructure, reorganize, and strengthen.