According to Corpus Christi Police Department, there was a rumor of H-E-B shutting down its grocer operations that spread. This rumor caused many residents to rush to their nearest H-E-B store and panic buy an unnecessary amount of groceries and products. Thankfully, that rumor has been debunked and was not true. H-E-B is not shutting down.

The Corpus Christi Police Department was made aware of a rumor circulating around the city of Corpus Christi that H-E-B was going to suspend its operations. However, after investigating the rumor, it has been confirmed as untrue. H-E-B will continue to remain open to the public and has no plans to shut any stores down. As a Texas staple far before the inception of the coronavirus, and a consistent provider of necessary goods during the pandemic, people worried when potential news of a shutdown began to spread.

CCPD officials say that they have contacted Corpus Christi community partners at H-E-B who have confirmed that the rumors are false. The Corpus Christi Police Department officials stated that “As always, we want our community to be aware, but remember to rely on facts, not fear. We want to take a moment to thank the partners at H-E-B as they have and continue to work tirelessly to re-stock the shelves,”

They then added at the end of the statement to encourage smart shopping, not scared shopping. They said, “Please buy for necessity, not for stockpiling,”. In a world in which panic and unexpected news feels more commonplace than ever, the understandably extreme reaction of many Corpus Christi residents left H-E-B flooded with stressed shoppers who were panic buying many different items.

Thankfully the Texas owned grocery store has no plans to close its doors or halt its operation anytime soon and Texas can rest easy knowing that a beloved grocery chain will continue to do their best to keep shelves stocked and customers safe during the global pandemic.