hteao san antonio

Bet you never thought you’d need 500 different choices of flavored tea in your life, did you? Well, take our word for it: you do! San Antonio’s newest business, HTeaO offers a menu of iced tea flavors, including decaffeinated options. Indecisive people, beware!

The concept of HTeaO is to allow customers to build their own particular blend of tea. Originating right here in Texas, the growing chain is now opening in San Antonio. The location at 22127 Bulverde Rd. celebrated its grand opening on May 22, and a new location will soon be opening on Huebner Rd.  Originally planned for March, the opening date was delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic. Implementing safe and efficient guidelines, the store is now in full operation.

CEO Justin Howe teased the opening of even a third location opening here in the Alamo City.

As customers line up to order flavors like Sweet Coconut, Mint, and Blueberry Green – and with the ability to mix half and half flavors – it will soon follow that new tasty flavors will be discovered. Howe explains that customer favorites eventually yield up a “secret” menu that is unique to each market. Soon, San Antonio will have its very own secret menu of options.  Pretty cool, huh?

Here’s the tea: the menu consists of half sweet and half unsweet flavors – from good old fashioned sweet tea to flavors like Watermelon and Wild Raspberry. Customers have the option of topping off their beverage with two ounces of fresh fruit. Order sizes range from small cups to the gallon. According to Howe, the typical order size for one person is the 44-ounce for $2.79.

This playground of tea flavors is just what the doctor ordered for those respites from the hot summer sun. Howe explains that what distinguishes his stores’ tea is the use of purified water produced by HTeaO water plants, with each location being equipped with one, and ice. These water plants allow customers to supply their offices and homes with HTeaO water and ice.

Additionally, the tearoom hosts daily half-price happy hours from 2 to 4 p.m. and free drinks for uniformed first responders. So, come and see what the enthusiasm is all about and treat yourself to a cool, sweet libation.