Jaguar Cat Walk San Antonio Zoo

The latest addition to the San Antonio Zoo is a new Jaguar Cat Walk that will connect the existing jaguar habitat to another habitat through an overhead path!!! 

The cat walk will not only pass over visitors as they walk through the current jaguar habitat, but it will also lead the jaguars into the Amazonia habitat, where they will be able to walk along the riverbed before entering the secondary habitat. If it looks anything like what is shown in the illustrative image above from the San Antonio zoo, it is going to be super exciting!!!

The cost of completing this unique ecosystem is expected to be about $1.4 million. The work is expected to be done by Fall 2021 according to

San Antonio Zoo will be the first zoo in the world to have this special cat walk for  jaguars once it is completed. Since it helps them to hang high in a canopy-like environment and explore the river’s edge, it will reinforce two essential natural behaviors.

We cannot wait to enjoy this newest addition to the San Antonio Zoo! For additional information on the San Antonio zoo click here.

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