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San Antonio Spurs fans will have to wait to enjoy the rest of the NBA season. Due to the coronavirus, officials have decided that the only safe option is an NBA season postponement. The plan is to finish the season, but at this point, any plans can change. Currently, there will not be any NBA games for at least the next month. If you have questions about the current NBA season postponement, we have some answers for you in the following sections. We will make sure to update you as future information becomes available.

What’s the deal? Why is there an NBA Season postponement? It all comes down to the coronavirus. The league spoke about games without audiences, but a player tested positive for coronavirus and later that day the decision was made to postpone the season. Right now, the plan is to stop games for one month. More details will be known the closer we get to April. The season could start back up, the postponement could be extended, or they could cancel the season altogether. It likely depends on the severity of the coronavirus.

Are Spurs games canceled for the rest of the season? Right now, all we know is that for at least one month, the NBA season is on hold. The plan is to finish the season, but until officials know what to expect with the growing health crisis, they are unable to offer more information. Games could end up being canceled, but for now, they are just postponed.

Will the postponed Spurs games be rescheduled? It’s possible, but hard to say at this point. It will all depend on the coronavirus and the response officials wish to take. It’s possible that the season could be shortened, but finish. They could also decide to reschedule the games that were postponed. If things get worse, they may also decide to cancel the remainder of the season and look towards the coming season. When we find out the answers, we’ll be sure to let you know!

I have tickets for Spurs games! Will I get a refund? You will have two choices, likely depending on what the NBA decides to do about the remainder of the season. Ultimately, if the season continues you will either get a credit so you can see a rescheduled game, or you’ll get a refund for the cost of your tickets.

The NBA season postponement is disappointing, but not a huge surprise. In the last few days many sports teams and leagues have made the decision to limit, postpone, or cancel their upcoming schedules. As more information is made available, we will be sure to keep you updated.