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Y’all. I need to tell you something. And you’re not going to like it. Outside of San Antonio…outside of Texas…people are talking about our fair city. And what they’re saying isn’t always nice. Let that sink in. People. Trash-talking SA. I KNOW. It’s like they said my baby’s ugly. Not that I have a baby, mind you (Ahem! 42 years old here, folks! They had a good run but the ovaries are punching their very last time cards as we speak.). But, you get my drift.

Over the last two weeks I’ve heard, via email and the San Antonio Mom Blogs’ Facebook page, from two mamas who are moving to town and have grave concerns about living here. They are, quite frankly, scared outta their minds by the things (the incorrect, not-at-all-representative, downright WRONG things) people who don’t live here (and Google!) are telling them.

To wit,

From G:

“My husband and I are moving to San Antonio in a few months, which is 13 hours and two states away from all family and everything we know. I’ve never even been to San Antonio but everyone back home has painted the town as a drug-cartel-infested, extremely dangerous city and they think I should be stoned for taking my girls there to raise.”

And from HC:

“My big questions are schools and…snakes. Yes, I Googled and something came up about rattlesnakes and scorpions and maybe I Googled too much but it freaked me out. [Can you give me] any info on whether the snake info I got is hype or a daily issue? I started wondering if you could even let your kids play outside on the lawn.”

First off, Google needs to keep his mouth SHUT. He’s like the camp counselor who sits around a bonfire telling ghost stories to impressionable young campers just to get his jollies. Yes, there are snakes here in Texas. Scorpions too. But encounters with them, in my experience, are pretty rare (and usually related to living near woods and/or construction sites that displace the creatures from their homes). My kids play outside ALL of the time and the only creepy thing we’ve seen this year is a tarantula. Wait. Maybe I need to keep my mouth (keyboard?) shut too.

Anyway, the good news is that these ladies also Googled phrases like “San Antonio,” and “moms,” and “blogs.” And they found us: San Antonio mom bloggers. Our blogs, whether we realize it or not, are the 21st Century version of the Welcome Wagon. And what we write is more important than we know. Our posts about our families, our city, our hopes, and our dreams, are putting these moms, and others like them, at ease. Our vibrant community of mom bloggers continually improves San Antonio’s image with every smart, sincere, heartfelt, and helpful post we publish.

G even had this to say:

“Since I found [San Antonio Mom Blogs] and found new blogs to stalk, I am encouraged that everyone seems so ‘normal’ and so not into the whole drug cartel business. Seriously, you have calmed my irrational fears and actually stirred a little excitement in my soul.”

I’m glad we’re getting through to HC. Even if it is funny that she thinks we’re normal. Or, maybe it’s funny she thinks I’m normal. I mean, YOU are normal. Totally. Completely. Normal. *wink*

Keep up the good work of shedding light, for any ill-informed members of the rest of our country, on the fabulous, family-friendly, cultured, healthy, delicious, and historic city in which we live. In fact, why don’t you share your posts this week below on the San Antonio Mom Blogs’ Weekly Link Up and leave a comment for G and HC to welcome them to town and to reassure them that they’re moving to the best city in the country!

san antonio mom bloggers, list links to your posts here and I will share them out!

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