Midnight Swim San Antonio, Texas

Midnight Swim in San Antonio plans to temporarily close its doors. If you’ve ever frequented the Pearl Bar district in San Antonio in hopes of finding a good Margarita to enjoy during happy hour, chances are that you’ve snacked on salsa and chips and had a drink at Midnight Swim.

This local watering hole has a reputation for a wide variety of creative frozen cocktails, and a great brunch menu, and kind staffers, all set against an eclectic backdrop with spacious patio seating. The restaurant plans to stay open Friday through Sunday but will then take a hiatus. Midnight Swim took to Instagram to inform the fans of the news.

The caption reads, “First off, we want to thank all of y’all who have continued to show support and understanding during this time. It means the world to us here at midnight swim and we will be forever grateful,” the business said in the post. “We will be taking a hiatus after this weekend but will be back when the time is right.”

So, why are they closing their doors? The Instagram post mentions nothing about the current pandemic or its surge in the hill country area. However, the restaurant made sure to tell patrons to stay tuned for updates. As San Antonio weathers the latest rise in COVID-19 cases, positive rates jumped to 19.2% on Monday of this week. County officials also released that businesses operating at 75% capacity would have to scale back to 50%, per Governor Greg Abbott’s executive order on Monday.

As COVID-19 continues to color the year 2021 and San Antonio citizens are left to live in the contours of the pandemic, businesses continue to close or evolve to keep up with the ever-fluctuating economic reality. Here’s to hoping that Midnight Swim can reopen soon because we may all need a good margarita to get through 2021.