Image credit: La Familia Cortez

Yes. You read that correctly. The coronavirus pandemic has made way for many new strange facets of life that many of us could never imagine. From championing families for staying home, making mask-wearing mandatory, and stockpiling toilet paper out of fear, coronavirus has provided multiple surprising twists and turns. One that does not stand alone is Mi Tierra’s Margarita Bike.

It’s no new news that businesses, particularly restaurants, have had to become creative with their business models during the pandemic to stay afloat during the economic uncertainty. Mi Tierra has created a way to do so while exercising and enjoying your favorite frozen cocktail. La Familia Cortez owns Mi Tierra, La Margarita, Pico de Gallo, and Mi Familia, which are all popular San Antonio restaurants. Their latest invention is a margarita bike that uses the energy from the cycling to blend a frozen margarita right before your eyes. The new Patron and Casa Noble bikes sport a pedal-powered blender that rests on top of the atypical bike’s handlebars.

A spokeswoman for the restaurant explains “Just hop on the bike, pick your flavor and our bartender will fill up your blender. From there, you pedal away until your margarita is fully blended!” Each customer who decides to participate in the tequila-fueled exercise will burn around 10 calories while making a pitcher of Mi Tierra margaritas. This genius idea provides customers will fun entertainment, a cocktail to sip on, and has multiple health and safety measures in place. The bike is sanitized after each individual riders and only one bartender will help pour the margarita mixings.

Once the exercise is finished and you’ve been awarded your 20-oz margarita pitcher, you can meander around Market Square, which is open container certified by TABC. The $10 margaritas are lime and fruit flavors can be mixed in to give the cycle rider the most rewarding alcoholic beverage after their workout.