Every year it’s the same: They enter the new room, eyes darting around nervously to see who else is there, to check out what everyone is wearing. Their hearts beat just a little bit faster as they wonder, “Will anyone talk to me? Will I find a friend? Will the teacher like me?”

Silly parents. I bet the kids are nervous too.

Or maybe it’s just me.

My daughter is headed to 1st grade this year so her Meet the Teacher event today? Not our first rodeo. Still, I was on alert. Sure, I was unnecessarily nervous for my vivacious, fun-loving daughter, but the butterflies I felt were also a reminder of my own childhood.

My dad was in the military so our family moved every couple of years. My sister and I often found ourselves meeting an entirely new school in addition to new teachers. And, as tough as it was to start over from scratch, meet new kids and get on with things–yet again–we survived it. I’d like to think those experiences made us adaptable and strong. But, if the slight anxiety I felt tonight accompanying my daughter to meet her teacher is any indication, I’ve still got some of that scrappy military brat deep inside me trying to figure out how to fit in.

[photo credit: SXC]