Bra fitting appointments and parties in San Antonio with The Bra Chick, Lisa Curbello

Disclosure: I received a complimentary bra fitting and one complimentary bra for the purposes of reviewing this experience. All opinions are mine.

Your BRA. Yeah, I said it. It’s something you probably don’t think or talk much about anywhere with anyone. Am I right? I know I don’t. Although, I used to find myself tugging my bra straps back up onto my shoulders all day, every day it seems. It’s not that I spend time thinking about my ill-fitting bras as much as I’ve come to accept the daily annoyances that come with wearing them. Women’s lives are busy enough without having to think about our BRAS. I figured my cheap, uncomfortable bra was something I just had to accept. But my thoughts about bras changed after just one fitting with The Bra Chick, Lisa Curbello.

When your bra fits properly, you’ll barely know you’re wearing one.”
– Lisa Curbello, The Bra Chick

Lisa’s been fitting bras for 19 years. She started out spending lots of time in the stock room, getting familiar with the manufacturers, their bras, and how the same sizes could vary greatly even when produced by one manufacturer. Then she learned the art of fitting by shadowing seasoned bra fitters. With nearly 20 years of bra fitting experience under her bra, I mean belt, Lisa doesn’t need to use measuring tapes or charts to get your fit just right. Over the years she’s honed a keen sense for which bras will fit which women best. And, she knows her manufacturers and their wares intimately.

You may not think about your bra very often. You may even be under the assumption that you’re wearing the correct size (most women aren’t, by the way). But here are a few occasions when spending time with The Bra Chick will be well worth your time.

When you need The Bra Chick:

1. When you’re unhappy with the way your current bras feel.
Do your bra straps sag? Does your underwire cut into you? Is your bra too loose? For most of my adult life I thought I had defective shoulders. I was NEVER able to keep my bra straps in place. They always slipped down. Darn you, defective, sloping shoulders! But after meeting The Bra Chick for my first fitting, I learned that I wasn’t wearing the right size or kind of bras (and probably hadn’t been for years). It seems I’d been too demanding of my $12 Target bra that I’d worn for three (or five?) years. It was time for a change. Lisa modestly evaluated the way my current bra fit (in a private room in her studio – I only removed my top and kept my bra on the whole time). She determined I needed to go up a size. After trying on just two different bras she suggested (one with a larger cup size, the other with a larger band size), Lisa found me a bra that fits perfectly. I haven’t tugged up a bra strap since and now I really truly don’t think about my bra. Sorry, shoulders. No more blame game!

Get fitted for the best bras with The Bra Chick in San Antonio

2. When you’re expecting.
Maternity bras are the opposite of regular bras. Instead of fitting them on the loosest setting (and tightening them as the bra begins to lose elasticity over time), maternity bras should be fitted on the tightest hook so you have room to grow into them. Did you know: most expectant moms grow two bra sizes during pregnancy?!

3. When you’re nursing.
There’s a big difference between maternity bras and nursing bras. A nursing bra requires a separate fitting to ensure the most comfortable fit while providing modest access for your baby. You’ll also want it to be comfortable enough to wear (for extra support) during sleep. Most moms-to-be assume they need to buy a nursing bra as soon as the line on their pregnancy test turns pink. This is not true! The best time to get fitted for a nursing bra is about two weeks before your due date.

4. When you’ve had a breast augmentation.
After you’ve recovered from surgery, finding a proper fitting bra in your new size is imperative. After all, you want to protect your new investment!

Sports bras offered by The Bra Chick in San Antonio

5. When you need a sports bra.
When it comes to sports, not just any bra will do. Sports bras are not the same as your every day bra and can’t be counted on to provide the extra support your body needs during exertion. The type of sports bra you need can vary greatly depending on your size and the types of exercise you prefer. The Bra Chick hosts Sports Bra Clinics in the lobby of Lifetime Fitness from 9:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. on the second weekend of each month (Second Saturdays you’ll find her at the 281/1604 location and Second Sundays you’ll find her at the Rim location).

6. When your daughter needs her first bra.
Pre-teens and teens don’t usually need an underwire or super supportive bra as their first. The Bra Chick recommends small sports bras or little pullover bras for first-time bra wearers, but a fitting will definitely help your daughter select the bra that will best suit her needs. Teach her at a young age that proper bra fit is an important step in self-care and she’s likely to make it a priority as she gets older.

7. When you go through The Change.
As we get older, bra fittings are still important. Menopause and fluctuations in hormones can drastically affect bra size. This is a good time to get refitted.

Host a party at your house with The Bra Chick and invite all of your friends for fittings and bras!

8. When you want to throw a party for your girlfriends!
When you need a good excuse to get your girlfriends together over wine, invite The Bra Chick to your home, book club, MOPs (Mothers of Preschoolers) group, or any soirée or even a brunch where women come together to have fun. Just invite 8-12 friends to your home (or up to 40 people at a larger venue such as a MOPs meeting place) and send Lisa your attendees’ current bra sizes and any complaints they have about their bras ahead of time. She’ll bring a wide variety of bras, panties, and sleepwear to display and she can even fit your guests (privately) at the party while waiving her fitting fee. As the hostess, you’ll earn a free pair of panties and bra bucks to spend on yourself. Giveaways from The Bra Chick lends excitement to the festivities, while a little wine, snacks, and bubbly conversation always keeps things lively.

Lisa offers private fittings on Tuesdays – Fridays, between 10:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. and on Saturdays between 10:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. Her $45 fitting fee is waived when you spend $50 or more on bras, panties, sleepwear and/or accessories. The average sales price of her bras runs between $35 – 79. And, when you refer paying customers to her, you’ll earn bra bucks to spend on yourself. Lisa’s next big step is opening a store/studio for private appointments and parties. Stay tuned to Lisa’s Facebook page for updates.

Give The Bra Chick a call. Your TaTas will thank you for it.

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