Meals on Wheels in San Antonio needs volunteers now more than ever. The organization Meals on Wheels that delivers food to those who are not able to go to the store or leave their homes is more desperate than ever for volunteers to help. With the coronavirus pandemic affecting Americans, more people than ever are needing food delivered to their homes. While the need for deliveries has increased, volunteers have decreased.

The organization is currently serving more than 4,500 clients across the San Antonio area. Before the coronavirus pandemic began, the volunteer-based organization had around 160 volunteers per day that have now dwindled to only 29.

Ariana Barbour of Meals on Wheels San Antonio explains that, “We’ve added almost 1,000 clients since this whole thing started. Actually it’s a little more than that. There are clients that we’re serving within our own systems, as well as working with veterans’ service groups and things like that to make sure we’re meeting the needs across the city.”

Because there is such an intensive shortage of volunteers to deliver food, Meals on Wheels employees are stepping up to help deliver food, which leaves less time and manpower to assist clients who need it now more than ever.

Rudy Guerrero has been serving with the organization for 13 years. He said “I\it’s a nice way I can help out other people. I mean this is a sure way. I know there’s a need, so I want to fulfill it.” Guerrero has continued to serve alongside his organization in the midst of COVID-19.

As cases continue to rise, many are tempted to stay home and not volunteer. However, the need for helpers to make sure the San Antonio popular is fed is great. Volunteering to help deliver food to fellow San Antonio residents is a great way to not only help the community but also stay safe and socially distance in the midst of an uncertain time.