McNay Art Museum

The McNay Art Museum is well-known for bringing forth thought-provoking shows that focus on the contemporary arts. “Limitless! Five Women Reshape Contemporary Art” is no different, and, in fact, aims to be one of the museum’s most highly acclaimed shows. 

This upcoming show, opening in late February, is inspired by a past exhibit that was wildly successful in 2018. This past exhibit, “Immersed: Local to Global Art Sensations” included work by legendary creative Yayoi Kusama, among other modern and contemporary greats. 

“Limitless!” will carry on elements of the “Immersed” show, placing emphasis on the expansive and immersive works of Yayoi Kusama. Joining Kusama will be four other female artists; Martine Gutierrez, Letitia Huckaby, Sandy Skoglund, and Jennifer Steinkamp. 

These artists, each coming from internationally renowned backgrounds and accomplished careers, provide powerfully unique perspectives to the show. All five women work in different disciplines and share a different message through their work; however, they are all alike in their measurable impact on contemporary art. 

The exhibition will include a carefully curated collection of work that ranges in medium and expression. From Steinkamp’s video series to Skoglund’s large and colorful installations, this exhibition promises vivid surprises around every corner. 

“Limitless!”  won’t be opening for another month; however, McNay Art Museum members will be able to gain a sneak peek in the time prior. Perks of this membership include a virtual behind-the-scenes tour, as well as access to private visits. With social distancing guidelines still in full effect, these incentives are well worth the low monthly cost of membership

Mark your calendars for McNay Art Museum’s latest buzz-worthy show.  The inspiration to be gained from this exhibition is, in a word, limitless.