As the percent of positive tests increases, Mayor Ron Nirenberg is asking local residents to work hard to help stop the spread of the virus.

The mayor took to Twitter yesterday to warn San Antonians of potential consequences of not containing the recent outbreak:

He tweeted that the hospital situation has been elevated to severe, and asked residents to “Stay home to the greatest extent possible. Wear your mask if you have to go out. Wash your hands regularly.”

In a daily briefing last night, he noted that “we are nowhere near the sustained decline in new COVID cases.”

What could a rollback look like? According to both the mayor and Judge Wolff, they’d be comfortable moving back to Phase One of the reopening plan, which may imply that a full lockdown is not imminent. However, there’s no specific word there.

Meanwhile, in Houston, Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo says that the current openings are too much to contain the spread and she would like to have an enforceable stay-at-home order put into place. Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner echoed the notion, stating that he’d like to have a two-week shutdown to recalibrate.



Lynn Miller