Mayor Ivy Taylor discusses summer camp options for San Antonio kids and parents

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During a recent City Council meeting, I looked down at my watch and noted that we are well into the month of May. I went home that night and asked Morgan when her school let out for the summer and she replied, “June 3rd!”

Oh No! I haven’t made a single plan for my baby for a productive and fun summer!

When I was a kid, things were a little different. At Morgan’s age, I spent the whole summer at home watching re-runs of Happy Days and Three’s Company in between reading books I got from the local library.

Nowadays, everyone is worried about the “summer slide” and there are so many programs designed to keep kids active during those summer months.  From age five to age 10, Morgan spent summers in North Carolina with my parents. And even if they let her watch a little too much TV, I felt it was important for her to spend time with my family since they live so far away.

Now that she is 12, she is a little too much for my mom to handle and I am debating on the balance between fun and enrichment for her summer. The cost of programs is also a concern, but here in San Antonio, we do have many options for budget conscious parents as well.

The City of San Antonio has an affordable summer day program through our Parks and Recreation Department. For the last two summers, Morgan participated in a day camp for girls sponsored by a local nonprofit and their activities included academics, sports, and other recreation. She loved it! I was given a catalogue from Girl Scouts and I know they have lots of summer camp options as well. And this year, my office is sponsoring six scholarships for children ages nine to 13 to attend the Summer Camp at the Alamo (Deadline to enter is Friday, June 3, at 5:00 p.m.!).

Unfortunately my schedule distracted me from planning in advance for the summer.  But I am glad to know that there are so many options for parents in our city.  No matter what program or activity I enroll Morgan in this summer, I am going to make sure that she spends time reading because that is so important. I have a Mayor’s Summer Reading Club with the San Antonio Public Library and I encourage parents to get their kids involved with that and keep them reading through the summer. I know Morgan won’t be too happy about it but I think I am going to make her write a couple of book reports too this summer!

For more information on programs and resources for a fun and fulfilling summer, visit San Antonio Mom Blogs’ 2016 Summer Camp Guide.

Happy summer camping!

Mayor & Mom, Ivy Taylor: summer camps in San Antonio

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