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As a result of recent election results, this will be my final blog entry. I will be focusing on my more important job of being Morgan’s mom, instead of mayoring. This change in status gave me the opportunity to share some important lessons with Morgan.

As the election returns came in and we all realized that I would not have the opportunity to continue serving, I knew that everyone, my staff and family, would react based on my attitude. I was especially worried about Morgan in that moment. I quickly squared my shoulders and lifted my chin and hugged Morgan telling her there was no reason to cry. After giving a concession speech where I urged my supporters to “be anxious for nothing” as the Lord instructs in Phillipians 4:6-7, and telling her that I was at peace, Morgan and I took to the dance floor to celebrate my three years of service as Mayor.

Election night underscored a lesson I have tried to get Morgan to understand over the years: in life, everything does not always turn out the way you want. And you can’t whine when things don’t go your way, that will just prolong your own unhappiness as well as make you an unpleasant person to be around.

When we got home, Morgan seemed fine, but when we were walking the dog the next day she was in a reflective mood and asked me whether I liked being Mayor and whether I was upset about losing the election. I told her that yes I liked the job, but that being out of office would allow us to spend more time together. When she told me she feared kids at school would tease her about my loss, I said that by the time school starts, most kids would not remember the election.

I am grateful for the extraordinary experiences that my whole family has had as a result of my public service. Morgan also witnessed just how many people helped us along this journey. As I work through the range of emotions that occur with any abrupt transition, I am mindful that Morgan is watching me and I pray for strength to provide the best example.

While my service yielded many blessings, a total of eight years at City Hall means I missed out on some key mom moments. Thank God for the chance to refocus on my most important job before she is off to college!

Thanks for allowing me to share some insights over the past couple of years. Happy parenting!

Mayor & Mom, Ivy Taylor on election night and dealing with disappointment

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