face mask

As of today, Monday, April 20, it is now required to wear a face mask in public in the city of San Antonio. If you’re over the age of 10 and are entering a public space with Bexar County, you are now required to put on a face mask. As the United States, the state of Texas, and the city of San Antonio attempt to thwart the efforts of the coronavirus, new laws are being put in place to ensure the health and wellness of all people, especially those who are spending time in public spaces.

Mayor Ron Nirenberg and County Judge Nelson Wolff recently announced an addendum to their emergency orders on Thursday, April 16th, announcing the new rule.

The rule, effective April 20, states that the mask must cover your nose and mouth when it’s difficult to practice social distancing in a public place. Face masks or coverings may include masks, scarfs, bandannas or handkerchiefs.

Employers will also be required to provide face coverings for employees within three days. While Bexar County citizens are required to dawn a mask when entering public places, officials recommended not wearing an N-95 mask, as they are needed for health care providers and first responders.

The addendum also states that masks are not necessary when exercising outside, driving alone or with passengers who are in the same household, pumping gas, in a building or activity that requires security surveillance (banks), or when eating or drinking.

Mayor Nirenberg also announced that not complying with the new regulation may result in a $1,000 fine in an attempt to encourage residents to wear a face mask.

The addendum also included a maximum occupancy limit for certain exempt businesses. The new rule limits the number of people inside establishments to 25% of the limit listed on their certificate of occupancy. If your occupancy limit is 100, you would only be allowed to have 25 people inside at one time.

This includes grocery stores, warehouse stores, big-box stores, liquor stores, bodegas, gas stations, and farmer’s markets.

You can read the full addendum here