If you grew up in Texas, there’s a relatively high chance that you have a childhood memory at Luby’s. This iconic restaurant chain features a buffet-style set up that allows customers to create a delicious plate of southern comfort food. One of their most notable and well-respected dishes is their mac and cheese. And you can have the recipe along with many others. As COVID-19 continues to keep many from dining out at favorite restaurants, many people have become nostalgic for specific meals from specific places, and Luby’s is no exception.

Out of the kindness of their hearts, the Texas restaurant chain has graced us with a handful of classic Luby’s recipes that will allow us to bring some nostalgic comfort food into our own kitchens. It’s no surprise that the delicious dishes are filled with fat, grease, butter, flour, and comfort- all ingredients which many of us currently need.

Luby’s lovers can currently access recipes for their famous Mac and Cheese, Chicken Fried Steak and Creamy Gravy, Kale Cranberry Salad, Waldorf Salad, Carrot Cake, and Pecan Pie. With the arrival of COVID-19 came the absence of eating out and along with that absence came the loss of delicious comfort foods. Listed below is a collection of Luby’s recipes (including Mac & Cheese) that you can create in your own kitchen and devour at your own table. Here’s the recipe from Houstonia Magazine.

The recipe gives instructions for feeding six people. Perhpas one of the more surprising ingredients for a dish for six people is the three- yes, three cups of cheese that the recipe calls for. As COVID-19 continues to color the year 2020, many can only hope that other restaurants will follow in Luby’s thoughtful footsteps and release recipes. COVID-19 has brought much pain and heartache, however, hopefully delicious recipe releases will be one of the few bright spots in the darkness.