Love and support for a San Antonio mom blogger and the Weekly Link Up for June 16 - 22, 2014

Our local group of mom bloggers here in San Antonio is extraordinary. I’m always in awe of the kindness, love, support, and respect we show to one another. And, when one of us celebrates, we all celebrate. When one of us is hurting, we all hurt. San Antonio bloggers always rally together to support one another. I’m not sure if other blogging communities work the same way – I hope they do. I’m honored to be a part of such a thoughtful, caring group.

One of our bloggers, Marla Zickefoose, who blogs at Saving U Green, received terrible news last week and she gave me permission to share her story here with you. Her seven-year-old son, Gunner, was diagnosed with leukemia.

In hearing Marla’s news over the weekend, many people asked, “What can we do? How can we help?” It’s the nature of San Antonio bloggers to want to do whatever we can to help each other. After chatting online with Marla, here are a few ways we can help her and her family:

  • Keep Marla, Gunner, and their family in your thoughts and prayers. It’s as simple as that. Send them loving vibes, good thoughts for a speedy recovery, and prayers for health and healing.
  • Send a free card to Gunner at the hospital to encourage him and lift his spirits. Dell Children’s Hospital, where Gunner is receiving treatment, has an online program allowing friends and family to send a real card, for free, to Gunner. Just be sure to include his name (Gunner Zickefoose) and when it asks for “room number” just click “I don’t know,” and a card will be delivered to his room.
  • Consider a financial contribution. Marla’s an honorary San Antonio blogger, who was featured here on San Antonio Mom Blogs last year. She comes into town often to attend blogger events, and we love claiming her as one of our own, but she actually lives near Waco. Marla’s son is now receiving treatment at a hospital in Austin, which is 100 miles from their home. A fund was set up to help the Zickefoose family with travel and other expenses they’ll incur while Gunner receives treatment. If you’re moved do to so, a financial contribution will be a great help to this family as they go back and forth between Waco and Austin.
  • Follow Gunner’s story on Facebook to send encouragement to Marla, Gunner, and their family.

Marla is the rock of her family, along with her wonderful husband. Let’s share our love and support to give them strength during this challenging time.

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