I’m still warming up this fledgling blog. I have so many ideas for things to write about but my muse strikes at the most inopportune times: when I’m racing through my morning shower; while driving to and from school pick up; smack dab in the middle of one of the many DefCon 5 tantrums my three-year-old throws. When I finally get a quiet minute to myself to write, my ideas float swiftly away as if they’re hurrying to catch up with the energy I’ve spent the day expending.

Thankfully my creative, talented, and thoughtful friend, Kim (you may know her as the fabulous @flutiemcd), has an antidote for my blogging blues: The Moxie Mutha’hood.

This new gathering of San Antonio’s women bloggers is designed: “…to offer practical, can-do tips for writing, blogging and all that other technical stuff in a comfy-cozy, supportive circle…or for just getting sassy over a bottle of wine.”

She had me at “bottle of wine.”

Kim’s open invitation to San Antonio women bloggers is to meet on September 15 for chats about blogging, tech tips, and whatever else ails (or thrills) you about blogging. I’ll be there and If we haven’t met in person before you’ll know me by my curly hair and my uncanny ability to coax my muse from a bottle of Chardonnay.

What: The Moxie Mutha’hood for women bloggers
When: Thursday, September 15, from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm
Where: Candelight Wine Bar, Coffee House + Cafe, 3011 N. St. Mary’s | San Antonio, TX | 78212