San Antonio Lights Alive

Image credit: San Antonio Lights Alive Facebook

Are you looking for a fun and safe Christmas activity to participate in? It’s no surprise that COVID-19 has shaped the way 2020 has progressed and will no doubt influence the holiday. Thankfully, there are still plenty of fun activities to engage in that will get your holiday spirits up while you welcome the Christmas season.

Going to look at the Christmas lights around San Antonio is a fun and safe activity to participate in amidst the chaos of 2020.  Lights Alive in San Antonio offers friends and family the opportunity to go on a car ride and enjoy a light show that begins this Friday night.

Lights Alive Christmas light show runs from November 20th to January 3rd and is excited to open its doors for the second year in a row. This fun and the family-friendly environment is a great activity to participate in that keeps you and your entire family safe and entertained in the midst of the uncertainty that 2020 has created. This light show is also well reputable and has been featured on many well-known TV talk shows and networks.

The light show takes place at the National Shooting Complex near 1604 and Culebra. The entire show is designed and produced by Living Light Show and is a computer-animated show that is synchronized with fun music to set the tone. Living Light Show is well known for its popular series “The Great Christmas Light Fight”. Since the show’s inception, the company has been featured on Good Morning American, Yahoo!, CNN, and Nightline, and a host of other well-known networks.

As the Christmas season draws near and celebrating the holidays looks different than ever before, many families, friends, and parents are scrambling to decide how to safely gather and have fun. With the Lights Alive Christmas lights show, families with have a fun and safe holiday experience.