Star of Texas Sculpture

A new addition to the public art installations in San Antonio has come in the form of renowned Mexican artist Sebastian’s work, Star of Texas or La Estrella de Texas.

The name of this remarkable sculpture toys with the phrase Lone Star State – meaning Texas – and is created with the idea of representing San Antonio as a special Texan city which stands for a beacon of togetherness.

Star of Texas was unveiled on 12 April by the City of San Antonio’s Department of Arts & Culture, in partnership with the San Antonio International Airport.

It is not the first work by Sebastian to have beautified San Antonio: his sculptures, Torch of Friendship and Door of Equality already adorn the city. And a consistent theme that is reflected in each of these installations is that of equity, warmth and hospitality so central to the spirit of San Antonians.

City’s mayor Ron Nirenberg said of the installation, “The Star of Texas speaks to the long-lasting impression San Antonio leaves on visitors and residents alike. Whether visiting San Antonio for the first time or the 100th, or a resident leaving the airport for a vacation, we all know the feeling that keeps us longing for a fast return to this great city.”

Star of Texas is strategically placed in the Alamo City on the southside entrance of the San Antonio International Airport. You can’t miss it, whether on your way in or out of town.

A fiery red steel structure, it stands tall at 17 feet and is composed of five vertical elements which when viewed as a whole appear to support each other’s weight. The inspiration behind this structure was to invoke a feeling of being a part of a larger whole, in citizens as well as tourists. Moreover, the space atop the sculpture is so created that it forms a star, pointing to San Antonio as a unique lone star city.

Sebastian is a prominent artist whose works have been displayed across the world in countries like Germany, Belgium, Brazil, Spain and Mexico. His Star of Texas installation in San Antonio was preceded by the retrospective of his work, Sebastian in San Antonio: 50+ Years / 20+ Sites / 100+ Works hosted in 2019 with the support of the Department of Art & Culture. This was the exhibit that led to the installation of the Door of Equality at downtown’s San Pedro Roundabout.

Praising the recently erected Star of Texas, Department of Arts & Culture Executive Director Debbie Racca-Sittre, said, “Not only does the Star of Texas serve as a wayfinding piece, much like Sebastian’s other works in San Antonio, it is also another representation of the world-class arts and culture found throughout our city.”


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