Kids eat free at Thai Topaz in Castle Hills on Tuesday and Thursday nights in San Antonio

Disclosure: I recently dined at Thai Topaz as their guest, along with other local bloggers, to sample their cuisine and to learn about their kids’ menu. I returned a week later with my family (on our own dime) because I wanted my husband and kids to experience delicious, authentic Thai food and family-friendly atmosphere the owners have created. All opinions are mine.

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It’s a question I hear often among parents: Where can we dine out as a family where everyone’s needs are met? My husband and I long for freshly prepared, delicious dinners that we don’t have to cook ourselves. Our kids just want to go somewhere fun with yummy food. And, I may be reaching here, but when we dine out, I’d like for them to have healthy choices too.

But it seems that even our favorite restaurants, which offer diverse menus with tantalizing choices for adults, still lack imagination when it comes to kids’ menus. Most offer the same old things and I bet you can list what they are. How many times can our kids eat Mac n Cheese or pasta or fried chicken tenders? Well, wait…if your kids are anything like mine, they can and will eat those options as often as I’ll let them. Let me put it another way: I want my kids to learn to eat and enjoy a variety of foods that taste great and aren’t always fried or cheesy. I’d love it if the restaurants we visit support that desire.

Thai Topaz, located in Castle Hills on the corner of NW Military and West Avenue and dishing up some of the best Thai food in San Antonio, offers a kids’ menu with delicious dishes that are different from the norm. Pad Thai introduces kids to the sweet and savory flavors of Thailand while not straying too far from what kids are accustomed to eating. Grilled chicken, fresh veggies, and rice taste great while not overloading kids on fat. And, kids eat FREE on Tuesday and Thursday nights!

One free kids’ meal with every purchase of an adult meal on Tuesdays and Thursdays (Castle Hills location only).*”

The owners of the Castle Hills Thai Topaz location, David and Somjira Thanairongroj, have a young son so they’re familiar with the experiences parents have when dining out with kids. Their kids’ menu reflects what they believe kids (and adults) want at a fun dinner out: delicious food at reasonable prices in a family-friendly atmosphere. Thai Topaz is sleek and modern in appearance, making adults feel calm and comfortable, and kids are greeted warmly with crayons and the kids’ menu that doubles as a coloring page. Kids are also encouraged to draw on the paper-covered tables – something my kids love to do while waiting for their dinner.

Kids eat free at Thai Topaz in Castle Hills on Tuesday and Thursday nights in San Antonio

Once our order arrived, our seven-year-old son couldn’t get enough of his Pad Thai. Our nine-year-old daughter raved about the juicy chicken with rice and broccoli (Yes – she loves broccoli!). My husband and I (who both love Thai food and have tried lots of local Thai restaurants) found the food at Thai Topaz to be some of the best Thai in the city. His Pad Ka Prao with beef was tender, succulent, and savory with just the right amount of spice. My green curry with chicken was so fresh and fragrant and creamy and spicy with slightly crisp, yet tender vegetables, that I had to keep myself from licking my plate long after I’d devoured it all.

All of the dishes on the Thai Topaz menu come from authentic family recipes developed by Somjira’s mother (her parents own the Thai Topaz location that’s been popular in the Medical Center for 10 years). Don’t be afraid to stray from the kids’ menu once in a while. Your children may surprise you with a new found love for dishes including the signature Mango Delight (a sweet and slightly spicy dish prepared with shrimp, chicken, tofu, or vegetables), pineapple fried rice (served, beautifully, in a carved out pineapple – kids will love the presentation), or even an exotic curry (Their green curry is my favorite!). Just let your server know how spicy (or not) you and your kids like your dishes and they’ll customize your selections for you.

Each dish is prepared in a single pan, with a  fresh pan being used every time to avoid cross contamination for vegetarians and those with food allergies.”

Another bonus kids will go crazy for at Thai Topaz: dessert! Try the made-in-house ice cream in a variety of flavors including coconut, pineapple, mango, avocado, and more.

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Thai Topaz in Castle Hills: kids eat free on Tuesday and Thursday nights