Kiddie Park

One of San Antonio’s most prized attractions and America’s oldest children’s amusement park is finding a new home. Kiddie Park, the site of countless birthday parties, picnics, and days of fun, is moving to the San Antonio Zoo this summer.

While Kiddie Park has been an integral part of many San Antonians’ childhood memories, development in recent years has made the park difficult to access. With the recent construction of a Shake Shack restaurant next door and limited parking, many park visitors have had to cross busy streets or take a shuttle to access the park.

Luckily, the park’s owners and the San Antonio Zoo have come to an agreement to see the kid-friendly venue moved safely inside the zoo grounds. “Our biggest thing was keeping Kiddie Park alive,” said Kiddie Park co-owner Brent Conger. “We’d love to keep it (near the corner of Broadway and East Mulberry Avenue) — we just ran out of parking, and it made it hard for everybody to come enjoy it.”

The San Antonio Zoo says they will strive to keep the nostalgic look and feel of Kiddie Park intact and keep it as one of the top things to do in San Antonio for children and their families. Kiddie Park was first built in 1925, making it stand out from newer parks. The zoo expects Kiddie Park to be a top new attraction, allowing guests more options for entertainment at the zoo.

Kiddie Park and its new owners at the San Antonio Zoo have reached a revenue-sharing agreement for the next ten years at which point the park will become sole property of the zoo. Proceeds from Kiddie Park will go towards one of the many nonprofit initiative the zoo supports aimed at wildlife education and conservation.

Kiddie Park will close briefly this summer while the many rides and elements are moved to a new location along the San Antonio River. When the park reopens, visitors will be able to enjoy the park without paying regular zoo admission.