San Antonio Aquarium

The world’s oceans are one of the last great frontiers on planet Earth, and as much as 95% of the ocean remains unexplored. For that reason and more, people of all ages around the world are fascinated with Earth’s oceans and all of the life they contain. To help bring these aquatic neighbors to our own backyard, the San Antonio Aquarium offers an up-close experience with thousands of freshwater and saltwater species. If you or someone in your house wants to discover the deep seas, you’re in luck: is offering SATTD readers exclusive discount tickets that will take you on a journey below the waves to learn about all of the amazing marine life of the world’s oceans.

The San Antonio Aquarium offers a variety of exhibits which include a wide variety of amphibians, coldwater and tropical fish, sharks, a stingray touch tank, a rainforest full of reptiles, a menagerie of birds from around the world, and even a sloth, Kiwi, who is the newest addition to the San Antonio Aquarium. The aquarium offers something for everyone, featuring hands-on exhibits that allow guests to feed and touch animals and learn what makes our natural world so special.

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The San Antonio Aquarium is open daily from 10:00 am to 7:00 pm and is located at 6320 Bandera Road, San Antonio, TX 78238. Fore more information call 210-310-3210 or email  [email protected]