indoor date ideas at home

When it comes to sheltering in place, we’re all in agreement about one thing – being stuck at home can get boring pretty quick. Maybe it was fun for the first week, but now we’re all fighting to make our lives feel a little less mundane. It’s safe to say that the honeymoon phase is over. But just because quarantine’s thrill is gone doesn’t mean your relationship should suffer in tandem.

The difference between your day-to-day and a romantic date is not necessarily what you’re doing, but the thought behind it. For example, everyone’s idea of a foolproof date is the classic dinner and a movie. Guess what? You can have dinner and watch a movie at home!

To recreate this standard romantic evening indoors, why not try cooking together? Choose a recipe that you haven’t tried before, especially one that’s out of your comfort zone. We recommend following along with San Antonio’s own Chef Michael Sohocki’s weekly video series. Through these instructional clips, you’ll learn how to recreate dishes from his well-known Restaurant Gwendolyn.

When it’s time for the movie portion of the evening, you can’t go wrong with a solid documentary, or two. Subscribe to CuriosityStream, which is currently only $12 for an entire year, and you’ll instantly have a year-long access to thousands of documentaries.

Date night doesn’t have to be a chill night, nor does it have to happen at night! Working out with your significant other is just as much of a bonding experience as an evening out on the town. Get active while staying in – your bodies will thank you for it! BeachBody On Demand (free trial) is a great place to start, and is currently offering free trials of their streaming service. Hit the virtual gym with your honey, and you’ll emerge from quarantine looking like a cuter couple than you already are. To see what we thought of BeachBody On Demand, take a peek at our review here.

No matter what you choose to do, it’s about showing that you care. Get creative with your loved one and kick away the clouds together!