San Antonio Donut Fest

Americans love their donuts. Is there anything better than a good donut? Maybe a good donut and a cup of coffee. To honor this classic confection, San Antonio’s Tobin Center is hosting the inaugural San Antonio Donut Fest, a one-day event celebrating all things donuts. Oh, and don’t worry: there will be plenty of coffee on hand, too!

Donuts or doughnuts were brought to America by Dutch settlers who moved to New York in the 17th century, and by the 1900s the donut was one of America’s most popular treats. Today, the donut has become so popular and well-known throughout the United States that it’s considered a genuinely American food.

To celebrate the mighty donut, the San Antonio Donut Festl will welcome local eateries and bakeries who will be on hand serving up their best rings of fried or baked dough. Some of the vendors include The Art of Donut, Brew’s Lee Tea Station, Cereal Killer Sweets, Dapper Doughnut, Duck Donuts, Niche Coffee Co., Original Donut Shop, NOLA Brunch & Beignets, Snowflake Donuts and more.

In addition to donuts, the San Antonio Donut Fest will feature other pastries, live music, Saturday morning cartoons, games, goods from local artists, and a variety of beverages including coffee, mimosas, fresh juices, beer, and more. If you’re looking for some unique weekend fun in San Antonio, look no further.

The Inaugural San Antonio Donut Fest will be held Saturday, May 11 from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm. At 115 Auditorium Circle at the Tobin Center. Tickets start at just $15 and can be purchased online from the Tobin Center website. Children 10 and under get in free. For more information visit