High-tech simulation center at Children's Hospital of San Antonio

Children’s Hospital of San Antonio (CHofSA) continued its trend of impressing San Antonio parents when they recently opened their state-of-the art Simulation Center. Home to 10 manikins (adults, juniors, and babies), the center covers nearly 7,000 square feet on the third floor of the hospital. Funded by $1.6 million grant from CHRISTUS Health, it is the largest simulation center of any private hospital in Texas.

High-fidelity manikins at Children's Hospital of San Antonio train nurses and physicians

But what is a Simulation Center and how does having one prepare the staff at CHofSA to provide our kids with the best care possible?

First, let’s meet some of the high-tech (high-fidelity) manikins possessing unbelievably life-like qualities that are helping physicians and nurses learn to tackle all sorts of health scenarios:


Fidelity: believability, or the degree to which a simulated experience approaches reality; as fidelity increases, realism increases. High-fidelity = computerized manikins.”

Increasingly used in healthcare education, simulations replace or amplify real experiences in an interactive way. Simulations at CHofSA always involve the use of control rooms, cameras, 2-way speakers, and recording equipment, all of which aid in the learning process through the debriefings that take place afterward.

Improved patient outcome, skill acquisition, enhanced teamwork, creating a safety culture, and mitigating risk are the main benefits of running simulations. In other words, our children are in good hands any time they step foot into CHofSA. Their physicians and nurses are always training with the latest high-tech equipment to handle a myriad of scenarios.

All of CHofSA’s simulations are computer driven. Possible situations used in training include: emergency department situations, pediatric ICU, birthing center, and medical/surgical scenarios, all of which can be adapted to adult as well as pediatric manikins.

And, the manikins have incredibly life-like attributes. They can breathe, blink, get a runny nose, urinate, and more.

Children’s Hospital of San Antonio consistently works to bring the best physicians, nurses, and support staff to the children of San Antonio and high-tech training is essential to their success.

Here’s what else is happening these days at CHofSA:

  • A 20-bed acute care unit is now open and the first phase of the emergency department is open too.
  • A Clinical Research Center opened just last week with 64 research studies under way.
  • Kid Stop provides kid-friendly services ordered by your pediatrician, including blood draws, X-rays, and more.
  • A freestanding pediatric emergency center opened three weeks ago in Westover Hills. They’re now seeing an average of 48 patients a day!

And, if you can spare a few minutes, please follow this link: Vote for Children’s Hospital of San Antonio to VOTE once a day through June 30 to help Children’s Hospital of San Antonio win $30,000 in White Cloud’s Real Comfort, Real Kids Contest with Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals.