virtual happy hour

Just the thought of happy hour is enough to bring a smile to most people’s faces. While that could be because it means the workday is over, it’s more likely because it brings up thoughts of good wine and pleasant conversation. It may seem like your happy hour days are furloughed for the time being, and when it comes to in-person happy hour events, that may be true. However, no one said you had to deny yourself the pleasure of happy hour. All you need to do is throw a virtual happy hour. The premise is the same, it’s just done using video software on the computer.

The obvious benefit to a virtual happy hour is that you get to connect with friends while staying safe and maintaining social distance from one another. So, if you’re interested (or at least curious), keep reading for all the tips you need to host your own virtual happy hour!


Choose your Happy Hour Chat Client

You’ve probably heard of Zoom by now as it is quickly becoming one of the most popular chat meeting software clients of the pandemic. That said, there are several other options. The key is to pick an option that your friends are comfortable with. Make sure your friends know if they aren’t used to a platform, you’re happy to give them a dry run and try it with them before the happy hour.

Other options beyond Zoom include Facebook, Google Hangouts, Skype, and other chat clients.


Coordinate your Happy Hour Schedule

Events are often made by the number of friends that are able to show up. Send out an email to everyone that you want to attend and find the best dates and times for everyone. Choose a time that works for as many of the people as possible. From there, once you know when the event is, you can send out email invites and request RSVPs so you know who will be there to enjoy Happy Hour with you!


Settle in with your Besa mi Vino

Besa mi Vino is an organic, canned wine that comes in Rose and White. You can buy it in stores, or have it shipped to your door. Whether you choose Besa mi Vino for your event or another wine (or cocktail) you need to have something at the ready or it wouldn’t really be happy hour. Part of the appeal is gathering with your drinks and discussing the day. The only difference here is that you’ll all be on your computers/devices. Make sure everyone has something that they enjoy whether it’s wine, beer, or the drink of their choice. To be fun you could even coordinate drink ideas or take suggestions, so everyone has the chance to try something new.

You can learn more about Besa mi Vino through their website. Plus, right now get 15% off your order with code LOVEYOU at checkout!


Things to Talk About

Sure, when you went to Happy Hour at the local watering hole you didn’t need a conversation starter, but this is a little different. To make everyone more comfortable, it helps to have some set topics to keep things lively and entertaining. Make sure to have people introduce themselves if everyone doesn’t know everyone else. This will eat a few minutes, but it will allow everyone to be more at ease and it could help some of your friends make friends with each other! Topics don’t have to be anything heavy. You could talk about movies, books, or whatever interests you.


Do it Again!

Chances are, your first happy hour will be a success! If it is, you’ll probably want to do it again. If that’s true, make sure to let everyone know before they leave and see if they can attend when you do it next week (or whenever you plan to schedule). Another great idea might be to have another friend host the next happy hour. This allows you to join in on all of the fun while not having to do any of the planning.

You’ll be surprised how good it feels to reconnect with your best happy hour friends over a crisp glass of Besa mi Vino. So, what are you waiting for?


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