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Few things leave a person feeling helpless like when their pets are sick. It’s our responsibility to take care of our family friends, so it’s natural to want to heal them when they are sick. Often pain or other problems cause our furry friends to exhibit personality changes, to experience depression, or even become lethargic. We can take them to the vet, and get them medicine we fill at the pharmacy, but there’s no guarantee that the medicine will work. In fact, some medicines end up making them feel worse, just like when people take pharmaceuticals.

So, what if there were a natural way to help your best friend deal with things like arthritis, anxiety, joint pain, and even appetite? If you’d be interested, you’d only need to look to Honest Paws. Offering natural, CBD-products for pets, Honest Paws has a natural solution for what ails your pooch.

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Honest Paws Products: Tell Me More

Honest Paws offers a variety of different products for the pets in our lives. You can find products for cats, dogs, and even horses. You can choose from CBD oil-based products to CBD treats that taste great while offering the benefits your pet needs to feel better.

You can choose from:

  • CBD Oils
  • CBD Bites
  • Honest Paws CBD Chews
  • And more!


What Does Honest Paws Help?

You can get most products with labels like Wellness, Calm, and Relief. Each product type helps with a variety of issues. For example, Calm can help treat nightmares, panting, barking, and anxiety. Honest Paws does what it offers, by helping to calm your pet down so they can be relaxed and happier.

While Calm helps anxiety, Relief helps pets that deal with chronic pain. So, this would be great for dogs that aren’t able to move around as easy as they once could. If things like walking or climbing up on things are harder, Honest Paws Relief might be the answer for your pet. This helps general aches and pains, too.

Wellness is a good choice for older pets because it helps to improve compromised or slower immune systems. So, if your dog is slowing and generally has more bad days than good, this could help them to feel better more consistently.


Purchase Details

You have two choices when it comes to buying Honest Paws products. You can buy what you want in a one-time purchase or you can have your delivery on a set schedule. Scheduled deliveries occur once per month. You even get a small discount when you schedule your deliveries on a regular basis.


Honest Paws Discount

If you’ve checked the reviews, you’ve noticed that most products have hundreds of happy reviews. Now you might be ready to try Honest Paws products for your pet. If you are, you can use the code “HONEST15” to try the products you want with a small discount.

Remember, if the products you choose work for your pets, you can always schedule future deliveries to save a little money. In the meantime, don’t forget “HONEST15” gets you 15% off your current order! You’ll even get free shipping on any order over $40.

Every Honest Paws product is available with a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you find Honest Paws doesn’t work like you wanted it to, you can request your money back.

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