rosarios heb

H-E-B, the Texas chain, and popular San Antonio grocery store has once again expanded its Meal Simple program. The HEB Meal Simple Program now includes San Antonio’s Rosario’s. H-E-B decided to add entrees from one of San Antonio’s most popular dining destinations:  Rosario’s Mexican Cafe Y Cantina. HEB Meal Simples Rosarios will be for sale soon.

Unfortunately, Rosario’s was forced to close its restaurant doors due to the COVID-19 pandemic and furlough 90% of its staff. However, since H-E-B is now packaging heat-and-eat entrees for the refrigerator cases at the grocery stores, the restaurant has been able to bring back 15 workers. Rosario’s also reports that they plan to add more workers back in the coming week.

Lisa Wong, Rosario’s owner explains, “As a business owner, the ability to feed our customers and bring back part of the staff gives us hope after a devastating experience.” The new partnership between H-E-B and Rosario’s not only benefits both the grocery store and the restaurant, it also benefits the San Antonio resident who has been craving a Rosario’s fix.

San Antonio-based H-E-B expanded Meal Simple a week ago to include full meals from popular Texas restaurants. San Antonio’s Max & Louie’s New York Diner was among its first additions.

H-E-B officials not only helped Rosario’s navigate the changes to the business model the restaurant would require, but they also assisted in streamlining the process of getting food into the grocery stores. Ben E. Keith, food distributor from H-E-B even assistant in providing cold storage and transportation as the grocery store expanded their meal plan to include the local spot. HEB Meal Simple Rosarios is mutually beneficial to both the grocery store and the restaurant chain.

Rosario’s cheese enchilada, chicken chipotle, mole and verde plates will launch in four San Antonio H-E-B locations: Lincoln Heights Market, Alon, Wurzbach Road at Interstate 10 and DeZavala Road at Interstate 10. In about a week,  the entrees will also be available in the McCreless Market H-E-B Plus, South Flores Market and Austin Highway. Other locations are under consideration.

Rosario’s also plans to make other house specialties available to grocery shoppers. Amidst the chaos of the COVID-19 pandemic, San Antonio business owners are coming together to bolster not only each other’s businesses, but to also provide for the consumer.