OK, technically, it’s not my blogiversary (the term for a blog’s annual anniversary), as this blog (one of several I’ve authored) is just under two years old. But eight years ago yesterday I became a blogger! I started The Delaney Diaries on June 23, 2005, just three months after I had my first child.

I had no idea then how blogging would change my life. I started my blog with the simple intention of capturing the large and small moments of life with my baby daughter. And I did that. But blogging gave me so much more. It led me to a community of mothers and support and understanding that reached far beyond San Antonio. It’s brought me some of the best friends I would otherwise never have met. And blogging was my gateway to social media. It was a completely new way of communicating. I became obsessed with it and learned all I could about it and every social network that popped up. I began to blend blogging and social media with the traditional marketing methods I’d always used in my professional life to create my own business as a social media consultant in 2008.

Eight years later, I’m still passionate about blogging. I’m a social media junkie. And I love supporting other bloggers!

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