H-E-B has recently changed their purchase limits for products that have been hard to keep on the shelves during the coronavirus pandemic. H-E-B has removed purchase limits on toilet paper, chicken, and turkey. H-E-B spokesperson Julie Bedingfield explains that product limits still vary at select stores in an effort to “protect the supply chain and make sure our customers can find the items they need”

While toilet paper, chicken, and pork are now free game, all H-E-B stores are still limiting the purchase of brisket, which is an item that many people buy in quantity. As bizarrely unexpected as the year 2020 has turned out to be, perhaps one of the stranger changes of the year is the coveted nature of toilet paper. When COVID-19 hit the United States back in March, H-E-B, amongst many other stores were forced to place product limits on items such as toilet paper that consumers would not stop panic buying.

H-E-B stores will now follow these purchase limits for food items:

  • Brisket – Limit 2

Many other non-food items are still limited for H-E-B customers such as:

  • Paper towels – limit 2
  • Acetaminophen – 2 items total (includes baby, trial and travel sizes, OTC)
  • H-E-B Acid Controller/Famotidine and Pepcid 50ct and larger – Limit 1
  • H-E-B Acid Controller/Famotidine and Pepcid smaller than 50ct – Limit 2
  • Disinfecting & antibacterial sprays – 2 items
  • Disinfecting & antibacterial wipes – 2 items
  • Trial and travel size disinfecting & antibacterial sprays/wipes – 2 items
  • Hand sanitizer – 10 items
  • Hand soap – 2 items
  • Hydrogen peroxide – 2 items
  • Rubbing (Isopropyl) Alcohol/swabs – 2 items
  • First Aid and Cleaning Gloves – 2 items

Product limits that apply to H-E-B stores in the border region include:

  • Baby wipes – limit 2
  • Disinfecting & antibacterial sprays – 1 item
  • Disinfecting & antibacterial wipes – 1 item
  • Eggs, less than 30 count – limit 4
  • Eggs, 30 count or greater – limit 2

According to H-E-B officials, these limits do not apply to Central Market stores For information on product purchasing limits at Central Market stores, click here.

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