san antonio stores face mask

H-E-B makes masks mandatory for customers entering stores across all locations. H-E-B has recently announced that they are requiring customers to wear masks, even in-store location areas that do not mandate masks. H-E-B makes this announcement in hopes of protecting their employees, their customers, and hopefully slowing the spread of the deadly coronavirus pandemic.

On Wednesday, July 1, this new policy will go into effect. The only people who are exempt from wearing face masks inside H-E-B buildings are children and those who suffer from health-related issues.

Unfortunately, as COVID-19 continues to spread throughout the Texas hill country, more than 100 H-E-B employees who are working at San Antonio stores have been diagnosed with the coronavirus. As H-E-B makes masks mandatory, they strive to prioritize the health and wellness of their employees and shoppers.

Because of the recent outbreak which has thrown much of the hill country into a state of emergency, H-E-B has also been forced to reinstate purchasing limits for paper products, including toilet paper, tissues, and paper towels.

While more than 85% of H-E-B stores are located in locations that require face masks, under the new ordinance, even those stores in locations that do not require face masks will be forced to dawn one before entering the store.

In a statement, H-E-B explains that “The health and wellness of our Partners and Customers is our top priority,. Wearing masks is a proven way to slow the spread of the virus and allows businesses to operate safely during the pandemic.”

A spokesperson from H-E-B also added that the grocery chain has not experienced problems in Bexar County and customers have been wearing face masks. On June 17, San Antonio officials mandated that local businesses should require employees and customers alike to wear face masks. Governor Greg Abbott said he would not oppose the order. Shortly after, many local governments followed in Bexar County’s footsteps.