H-E-B has been listed as one of the best grocery stores in the nation for food and wine. The recent review from Food and Wine magazine cites H-E-B as one of the best grocery stores to shop at in the United States. Texans know and love H-E-B, however, this is not the first time that H-E-B has received national attention for their dedication to excellence.

In January, H-E-B was named the nation’s top grocer by the global consumer research company Dunhumnby. Then later in a survey that came out in June, the company was award the highest customer satisfaction score among grocery chains for its coronavirus safety precautions. Yet again, even as the world is in the midst of a global pandemic and H-E-B’s home city of San Antonio is being greatly affected, the company was able to claim another top spot in Food & Wine magazine.

Food & Wine released their best supermarket in America list of 2020 on Wednesday. Wegmans and Hy-Vee followed H-E-B’s rank as number one. Food & Wine explains that H-E-B has continuously gone above and beyond the call of duty for its customers, most certainly before the coronavirus, but definitely during it as well.

Food & Wine writer David Landsel states, “As early as mid-January, while the political class whistled, H-E-B was doing strategy, building on a company-wide emergency plan it had already used during previous disasters. By mid-March, as much of the industry flailed, Texans were joking that H-E-B ought to run for president.”

Texans have known and loved H-E-B as one of the best grocery stores for a long time. Their preparedness and dedication to safety and precaution for customers and employees alike continue to bolster H-E-B’s strong reputation. In recent years, the chain has been gaining national recognition for the values that the supermarket chain commits to and accomplishes well.