It’s no surprise to Texas that the grocery store chain, H-E-B has decided to launch an initiative called “Summer of Giving” dedicated to feeding hungry Texans during the global pandemic. The grocery store has been a faithful provider of quality food far before coronavirus began to take hold of Texas. However, since the pandemic, H-E-B has stepped up more than most would expect by raising wages for their frontline workers, keeping shelves stocked, lengthening store hours, and supporting Texans in many other ways.

The San Antonio-based grocery store has launched an initiative called Summer of Giving and pledged to donate to the nonprofit group Feeding Texas each time that a customer buys an H-E-B brand product. The grocery store has committed to up to $2 million. This amount of money will provide more than 20 million meals for hungry people across Texas. Feeding Texas, the nonprofit that H-E-B has partnered with as for over thirty years has a reputation of support a network of food banks that ranges across the state.

Each one of the 340 H-E-B grocery stores across Texas will be participating in the Summer of Giving initiative that the local grocery store chain is launching. The giving campaign is scheduled to run until September 8th. The Texas grocery store chain hopes that they will meet their goal of being able to provide families across Texas that may be in need of food. In the midst of uncertain times, the need for meals, as well as food bank volunteers have continued to grow.

In non-pandemic economies, the staggering statistic remains that one in four Texas children experiences hunger. As COVID-19 continues to shape the economic and nutritional environment that Texas exists within,  research currently suggests that hunger has doubled within Texas families since the coronavirus cases began to spike in March.