Photo Credit: Good I Music

Grupo Intocable is launching its first drive-in concert ever in San Antonio. Grupo Intocable is a well-known and beloved regional Mexican band that was established in Zapata, Texas in the early 90s. Since their inception, they have touched many listeners with their passionate and authentic Tejano music, and now their drive-in concert in San Antonio, Texas on August 30th.

As the coronavirus continues to inform and shape everyone’s daily lives, many popular bands and musical artists have been recording live concerts and broadcasting them on their Facebook, Instagram, and sometimes even at drive-in theatres. This Grupo Intocable concert will be held on August 30th in the parking lot of the Freeman Coliseum. This large parking lot outside of one of San Antonio’s biggest venues is the perfect spot to host a socially distant drive-in concert.

Tickets are available for purchase and will include an entry for one car with up to four people inside the car. Prices for tickets range anywhere from $150 to $400. The parking lot will be laid out with 30 rows and prices per row ranging accordingly. The concert is set for August 30th in the parking lot of Freeman Coliseum. Tickets include an entry for one car with up to four people. Those attending the concert will be allowed to get out of their car but will only be allowed to sit directly in front or directly behind their vehicles, so bring a few lawn chairs if you decide you want to sit outside the car.

Grupo Intocable concerts that take the form of drive-ins have taken place at a few other locations like Hidalgo and El Paso, but this will be their first trip to San Antonio. A band representative has confirmed that unfortunately, five members of the band tested positive for COVID-19. However, all of them have made a full recovery and are excited and eager to make their way to San Antonio for a socially distanced concert experience.