Gregg PopovichSpurs Head Coach Gregg Popovich hosted a conference call with the staff of the San Antonio Food Bank on Monday. He offered words of encouragement and inspiration as the Food Bank faces its largest challenge in some 40 years.

Popovich offered up stories on tough games he and his team had faced in the past, as well as how they got through and came out on the other side. The Spurs coach also let the staff know that what they do is far more important that what he and his team do. Popovich told the staff that they are just entertainers that play a sport that doesn’t really mean much, but the Food Bank staffers serve the community.

Food Bank staffers were also allowed to ask Popovich questions. Questions ranged from things like “what are you doing now?” to “why did you bench Tim Duncan in Game 6 of the 2013 NBA Finals?”

San Antonio Food Bank is currently experiencing an unprecedented demand with so many hurting from the coronavirus pandemic. They’re seeking millions of dollars in aid from the government to keep up with local needs. For information on how you can help, visit the San Antonio Food Bank here.