Streaming television might have taken the place of the movie theater for many people, but the two experiences can’t quite be compared. There’s still nothing quite going to a theater with friends and family, buying a wheelbarrow full of popcorn, soft drinks, and candy, and being deafened by a seat-shaking THX speaker system in front of a 20-foot-tall screen. While the moviegoing experience is more entertaining than ever, it’s also more expensive than ever. To make going out to the movie theater more in line with everyone’s budgets, is offering a great deal on new Regal Cinema ePremiere tickets, making it easier than ever to go to the movies.

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There are six Regal Cinema movie theaters in the San Antonio area: Regal Cinemas Cielo Vista 18, Regal Cinemas Hubner Oaks 14, Regal Cinemas Alamo Quarry 16, Regal Cinemas Northwoods 14, Regal Fiesta Stadium 16, and Regal Cinemas Live Oak 18. Choose your favorite theater, buy these ePremiere passes, and find a movie for whatever mood you’re in whenever you choose to redeem them.

Be aware that there may be extra charges applied at some theater locations for special movies like IMAX®, RPX®, 3D and 4DX® films, or for recliner seating or other premium seating where available. Head over to for the full list of terms and conditions with this offer.

What’s more American than heading to the theater to see the newest Hollywood blockbuster? Keep the old fashioned American movie theater magic going with these Regal Cinema ePremier tickets.