greg abbott

Photo credit: Governor Abbott Facebook

Governor Abbott plans to reopens Texas. On Tuesday, Governor Greg Abbott announced that he plans to reopen Texas by reopening additional services and programs that will soon be in effect across the state.

A press release from the governor’s office recently explained that “water parks, recreational sports programs for adults, driver education programs, and food-court dining areas within shopping malls can begin operations with limited occupancy or regulations to protect the health and safety of Texans.”

In alignment with the aforementioned order, Driver’s ed programs are cleared to begin immediately. Young Texans across the state will be grateful to begin the process of obtaining their driver’s licenses.

Additionally, starting on Friday, May 29th, water parks can open up to 25% capacity. Although the waterparks are able to reopen, arcades located inside the water parks will remain closed.

As Governor Abbott reopens Texas, adult recreational sports programs can resume on May 31 in Texas. However, the games and/or competitions cannot be held or scheduled until June 15th.  The state of Texas has also reopened flight classes for those in-flight programs as of last week.

Some malls across Texas are reopened, although not all the stores inside malls are required to open. Food courts are also allowed to open as long as they strictly adhere to social distancing rules.

Social Distancing

  • There should be six feet between tables in food courts
  • It’s also suggested that a person be assigned to make sure that social distancing rules are followed in malls and food courts
  • In public spaces, try to remain six feet apart, regardless of who you are sharing the public space with (unless it is family/household members)
  • It’s still wise to wear a mask when in public spaces.
  • Don’t enter public spaces if you have a fever, a dry cough, or any other symptoms that are related to COVID-19