The Jovita Idár Little Library and Vegan Pantry is the most recently opened free pantry in San Antonio. This pantry was created by two roommates, Krys Sustaita and Ale Tierra with the idea of  “take what you need, leave what you can” mindset, which has become not only popular but also necessary during the time of COVID-19. The pantry is located at 1531 San Francisco, San Antonio, Texas, and accepts vegan donations 24/7.

Sustaita explains “The Pantry is in front of my house, oddly enough. But we have really tapped into a need, at least in my immediate neighborhood, because we see consistent use of the Pantry, as well as consistent donations being dropped off.” The pantry is also not limited to food. People bring books, food, and other entertainment here also. The pantry also supports the homeless community of San Antonio as COVID-19 continues to displace residents from their homes. The pantry is named after Jovita Idár, an iconic journalist and activist during the Mexican Revolution who not only openly disagreed with President Wilson’s plan to send troops to the border but also later on assisted in opening a free kindergarten for San Antonio children in need

The cofounders of the pantry are faithful members of Food Not Bombs, an activist organization dedicated to fighting hunger, homelessness, and poverty by partnering with local food providers to feed each branch of the community. Through that organization, Sustaita and Tierra also work with another organization called folx to serve non-normative sexual orientation or identity food at the park each Sunday.

Sustaita explains “[Tierra] and I have been activists for years here in San Antonio and figured out that one of the most important aspects of activism is addressing the needs of the local community around you. Opening the Pantry has been a wonderful and stressful experience. But we have, in the process, discovered this network of little pantries that have been placed in neighborhoods across San Antonio.”

The owners are now working hard to organize a food drive for their second vegan pantry location at Viva Vegeria in Southtown. The drive will be held on September 24th from 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm. Foods like vegan soups, pasta, pasta sauces, hygiene items, and books are welcome to help furnish their new pantry location. To contribute monetarily, visit their GoFundMe page.